Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions

  • Invoices must be paid in euros.
  • As a rule, we deliver after receipt of payment. This is always the case with private orders. Only organizations can place an order with an invoice payable on 30 days.
  • For every order, the goods remain the property of vzw Herkes until full payment of the invoice amount.
  • Comments on the order or own references can be entered in the comment field at the checkout.
  • Disputes or objections must be made in writing and motivated within eight days after the invoice date. They do not mean that you can delay or refuse a payment. Withholding or settling amounts due and payable is only possible with written agreement of vzw HERKES, Chris (tine) Sterkens or on the basis of a court decision. Allocation of payment deferral does not affect the late payment interest or flat rate increase as mentioned below.
  • In the absence of correct payment, customers owe by law and without further notice of default or reminder, a default interest of 1% per month on the unpaid amount, as well as a fixed increase of 10% with a minimum of 35 euros. If, after repeated reminders (max 3), an intermediary is to be called in to claim the outstanding amount, the costs of this intermediary will also be recovered from the customer, in addition to the aforementioned increases.
  • Belgian law applies to our invoices. Any disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp.
  • Protection of your data: your data will not be passed on to other parties. They are only used for the shipping and billing of orders, to communicate about your order, to respond to a message and to inform you via the newsletter of the activities of our non-profit organization and new booklets that are published. You can always inform what data we have stored about you and ask to delete them.