I want to be a Zebra (NL-PL)

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Bilingual children’s bookDutch-Polish

A zebra has stripes. In this picture book, a spotted dog wants to be a zebra. But is that possible? How can he hide his spots? Discover other animals with stripes, spots or dots. A beautiful and funny book to enjoy together.


  • Meet different animals that have stripes or spots
  • Look at the stripes or dots in your own wardrobe (can we all wear something with stripes or with dots tomorrow? Nice to spend a day naming items of clothing.)
  • What do you like about yourself (not just your looks)? What are you proud of?
  • If you were an animal, what would you look like? What could you do well? And are you inventing a new animal, or are you taking one that already exists?


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soft cover, 28 pages

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