Our team

Chris Sterkens developed the concept in 2010, when she visited families with a different mother tongue, reading to their children as a volunteer. She felt the need to make a bridge between Dutch and other languages. Believing in the positive contribution of multilingualism and diversity to society, she wants to help children grow up as world citizens. Professionally, Chris built her career as a communications specialist. In addition to Dutch, she fluently speaks English and French, and has good knowledge of German, Spanish and Turkish.



Collaborated on our booklets:

Nick Adcock, Abied Alsulaiman, Joana Ançã, Martin Baloch, Brian Burns, Süleyman Berg, Jean-Baptiste Bokoto, Evelyn Chang, Patrizia Civetta, Graeme Cunningham, Joëlle Delmoitiez, Elisabeth De Potter, Peggie De Sager, Maria Encheva, Shewit Ghebreamlak, Nellie Ivanova, Johan Jacobs, Marie Jurcekova, Ina Hallemans, Sarah Harting, Qasim Khan, Maja Koitsjeva, Sofie Maertens, Birsen Meuris, Sadeq Nazary, Martijn Nelen, Kwame Nyaku, Erika Peeters, Sarah Peeters, Luciana Pesa, Mosè Piazza, Natalia en Alexander Rakhovitch, Sandro Savanelli, Jacob Sharghi, Abdul M. Shattour, Mohammed Sidi Habibi, Karien Sticker, Yuan Sun, Sanne Thijs, Jana Valaskova, Agnes Van de Velde, Ceciel Winters, Rebecca Wolf, Michael Yonathan, Elias Badr Zerouali

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